Marcela Simková

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The aim of this paper is to present a new platform for estimating the fault-tolerance quality of electro-mechanical applications based on FPGAs. We demonstrate one working example of such EM application that was evaluated using our platform: the mechanical robot and its electronic controller in an FPGA. Different building blocks of the electronic robot(More)
Resistance to activated protein C determined by factor V Leiden (FVL) is the most frequent inherited risk factor of venous thrombosis. The purpose of our work was to reveal the frequency of FVL in Slovak patients with venous thromboses, to characterise the nature of venous thromboses in this inherited thrombophilia, and to consider the screening approach to(More)
As the complexity of current hardware systems rises, it is challenging to harden these systems against faults and to complete their verification and manufacturing test. Not only that verification and testing take a considerable amount of time but the number of design errors, faults and manufacturing defects increases with the rising complexity as well. In(More)
Reduction of excessive neurohumoral activation in chronic heart failure (CHF) improves the prognoses. In addition to reduction of angiotensin production or angiotensin II action and the influence of the sympathoadrenal system also blocking of aldosterone effects becomes part of the therapeutic procedure in patients with CHF. Excessive systemic and probably(More)
Captopril, the classic inhibitor of the angiotensin converting enzyme, was employed in several large clinical studies in recent years. The effect of captopril was compared either with placebo, or captopril was selected as the reference ACE inhibitor for comparison with another therapy. In the classic study SAVE, captopril administered to patients after(More)
Nowadays highly competitive market of consumer electronics is very sensitive to the time it takes to introduce a new product. However, the evergrowing complexity of application specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs) which are inseparable parts of nowadays complex embedded systems makes this task even more challenging. In ASIPs, it is necessary to test(More)