Marcela S. Rodriguero

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The intergenic region of spliced-leader (SL-IR) genes from 105 Trypanosoma cruzi I (Tc I) infected biological samples, culture isolates and stocks from 11 endemic countries, from Argentina to the USA(More)
The evolutionary history of invasive species within their native range may involve key processes that allow them to colonize new habitats. Therefore, phylogeographic studies of invasive species(More)
Maternally inherited endosymbionts like Wolbachia pipientis are in linkage disequilibrium with the mtDNA of their hosts. Therefore, they can induce selective sweeps, decreasing genetic diversity over(More)
Previous research revealed complex diversification patterns in the parthenogenetic weevil Naupactus cervinus. To understand the origin of clonal diversity and successful spreading of this weevil, we(More)