Marcela Sánchez-Torres

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Laceration of the thoracic aorta or brachiocephalic vessels due to blunt trauma is relatively common. In such cases, prompt and accurate diagnosis followed by timely surgery is essential. These injuries typically occur at the aortic isthmus and can usually be readily identified at aortography, which remains the standard of reference for diagnosis. However,(More)
Aortic or brachiocephalic vessel injuries secondary to blunt thoracic trauma are relatively common and can occur throughout the length of the thoracic aorta or in various locations in the brachiocephalic vessels. Aortography remains the standard of reference for the diagnosis of these injuries despite recent technologic advances in other imaging modalities.(More)
An experiment was conducted to ascertain if follicles could reach ovulatory size after the largest follicle (dominant) has been removed at different times during a progestin treatment in anestrous ewes, and secondly to determine if these new follicles could respond to an hCG-induced ovulation and have similar function as corpora lutea. Mature crossbred(More)
The objectives were to test the hypothesis that exogenous prostaglandin F(2alpha) (PGF(2alpha)) temporarily restores sexual behavior of castrated boars, and to evaluate effects of PGF(2alpha) on serum hormone concentrations. At 35 d after castration, nine lean-type adult boars were randomly assigned to three treatments in a 3x3 latin square (with three(More)
This paper shows the perceptions of some of the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the Colombian government agencies about the role of Chief Information Officer, CIO, in their agencies, as part of the evaluation of the readiness for the establish of the CIO role in the country. This exploratory study conducted a survey of CEO Colombian government agencies,(More)
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