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We study local deformations of time-frequency and timescale representations, in the framework of the so-called reassignment methods, which aim at deblurringg time-frequency representations. We focus on deformations generated by appropriate vector elds deened on time-frequency or time scale plane, and constructed on the basis of geometric and(More)
We investigate the benefits of evaluating Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs) over several time scales in the context of automatic musical instrument identification for signals that are monophonic but derived from real musical settings. We define several sets of features derived from MFCCs computed using multiple time resolutions, and compare their(More)
Radon transforms defined on smooth curves are well known and extensively studied in the literature. In this paper, we consider a Radon transform defined on a discontinuous curve formed by a pair of half-lines forming the vertical letter V. If the classical two-dimensional Radon transform has served as a work horse for tomographic transmission and/or(More)
Imaging processes built on the Compton scattering effect have been under continuing investigation since it was first suggested in the 50s. However, despite many innovative contributions, there are still formidable theoretical and technical challenges to overcome. In this paper, we review the state-of-the-art principles of the so-called scattered radiation(More)
Conventional tomographies (e.g. X-ray scanner, Positron Emission Tomography), functioning on primary radiation are modeled by the Radon transform (RT) which is an integral transform defined on straight lines. In this paper, we consider a new RT defined on a pair of half-lines forming a letter V, which arises from modeling two-dimensional emission imaging(More)
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