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Relevant literature is synthesized to provide a holistic picture of our current knowledge of innovation in small, project-based firms, highlighting significant gaps in the broad areas of 'focus and outcome', 'organizational capabilities', 'context' and 'process'. Research findings from fieldwork focused on the construction industry are offered to address(More)
Purpose – Seeks to explore how perceptions of an ERP system-requirement misfit in Taiwan have been construed as business opportuni4ties by domestic vendors in their response to competitive pressures from international vendors. Design/methodology/approach – Qualitative data were collected through interviews with three leading foreign ERP vendors, four(More)
Drawing on extensive interviews with senior managers in leading computer services firms and their clients in four countries, this paper seeks to broaden our understanding of the deverticalisation process by exploring the conditions underpinning the oligopolistic nature of the IT outsourcing market and the nature and role of leading computer services firms.(More)
Through its work in Germany and in the United Kingdom, the Anglo-German Foundation seeks to foster dialogue and cooperation between the two countries. It supports research projects, seminars and conferences promoting the exchange of experience and ideas in the social, political and economic areas. Die Deutsch-Britische Stiftung möchte mittels ihrer(More)
This paper examines the effect of the structural changes arising from the globalisation of production and innovation and from technological changes on the environment. Drawing on theories of international production from international business and innovation, we assess the impact of long-term technological change and changes in international production on(More)
This study investigates how the selection environment and modularity affect innovation in private infrastructure development. Our findings stem from an in-depth empirical study of the extent ten process innovations were implemented in an airport expansion programme. Our findings suggest that developer and customers can each occasionally champion or resist(More)
Latin America and East Asia differ in the extent to which they have specialised in mechanical, electrical and electronic sectors. These sectors are critical for economic development but pose a challenge for corporate governance. By combining insights from studies of corporate governance and of development economics, this paper examines how certain developed(More)
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