Marcela Filié Haddad

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Acrylic resins have been widely used due to their acceptable esthetics and desirable characteristics such as easy handling, good thermal conductivity, low permeability to oral fluids and color stability. Flexible resins were introduced on the market as an alternative to the use of conventional acrylic resins in the construction of complete and partial(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated the influence of chemical disinfection and accelerated aging on the dimensional stability and detail reproduction of a silicone elastomer containing one of two opacifiers. METHODS A total of 90 samples were fabricated from Silastic MDX 4-4210 silicone and divided into groups (n = 10) according to opacifier content (barium sulfate(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the improvement in psychosocial awareness of anophthalmic patients wearing ocular prostheses and its relationship with demographic characteristics, factors of loss/treatment, social activity, and relationship between professional and patient. Surveys including a form for evaluation of psychosocial pattern were conducted(More)
This study examined the electrical activity of the superior (SO) and inferior (IO) orbicularis oculi muscles before and after installing ocular prostheses in patients who had undergone unilateral enucleation. Twelve volunteers requiring prostheses were selected. Their electrical activity was monitored at rest and during normal opening and closing of the(More)
Several factors including cancer, malformations and traumas may cause large facial mutilation. These functional and aesthetic deformities negatively affect the psychological perspectives and quality of life of the mutilated patient. Conventional treatments are prone to fail aesthetically and functionally. The recent introduction of the composite tissue(More)
Head and neck tumors are a major health concern worldwide, due to their high incidence and mortality rates, particularly in developing countries. In Brazil, this type of cancer is commonly diagnosed and studies suggested that it may be the leading cause of mortality in the country. The increase in life expectancy worldwide, as well as environmental and(More)
UNLABELLED The development of implant dentistry improved the possibilities of rehabilitation with maxillofacial prosthesis. However, clinically it is difficult to bond the silicone to the attachment system. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to evaluate the effect of an adhesive system on the bond strength between acrylic resin and facial silicone. MATERIAL(More)
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