Marcela E Gomez

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Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are an important source of gene-based markers such as those based on insertion-deletions (Indels) or single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Several gel based methods have been reported for the detection of sequence variants, however they have not been widely exploited in common bean, an important legume crop of the developing(More)
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the most frequent form of adult leukemia in Western countries, is characterized by a highly variable clinical course. Expression profiling of a series of 160 CLL patients allowed interrogating the genes presumably playing a role in pathogenesis, relating the expression of functionally relevant signatures with the time to(More)
If T cells require specific interactions with MHC-bound peptides during positive selection, then the specificities of T cells selected by one peptide should be distinct from those selected by another. We have examined positive selection of CD4 T cells in four strains of mice, each overexpressing a different peptide-1-A(b)(A(b)) complex. We show that a(More)
Negamycin 1 is a bactericidal antibiotic with activity against Gram-negative bacteria, and served as a template in an antibiotic discovery program. An orthogonally protected beta-amino acid derivative 3a was synthesized and used in parallel synthesis of negamycin derivatives on solid support. This advanced intermediate was also used for N- and C-terminal(More)
Deoxynegamycin (1b) is a protein synthesis inhibitor with activity against Gram-negative (GN) bacteria. A series of conformationally restricted analogs were synthesized to probe its bioactive conformation. Indeed, some of the constrained analogs were found to be equal or better than deoxynegamycin in protein synthesis assay (1b, IC(50)=8.2 microM; 44,(More)
Antimicrobial compounds incorporating oxazolidinone and quinolone pharmacophore substructures have been synthesized and evaluated. Representative analogues 2, 5, and 6 display an improved potency versus linezolid against gram-positive and fastidious gram-negative pathogens. The compounds are also active against linezolid- and ciprofloxacin-resistant(More)
AIMS Light-chain-restricted germinal centres are generally associated with the existence of a neoplastic lymphoproliferative disorder. The aim was to present a series of cases with persistent lymph node enlargement that featured some germinal centres showing light chain immunoglobulin restriction. METHODS AND RESULTS A series of six reactive lymphadenitis(More)
We recently reported a novel autosomal recessive mouse mutation designated nackt (nkt). Homozygous mutant mice have diffuse alopecia and a marked reduction in the proportion of CD4+ T cells in the thymus and peripheral lymphoid tissues. Here we show that the CD4 T-cell deficiency is due to a defect in the thymic microenvironment rather than the(More)
We attempted to separate species of the genus Clusia according to the concentration of linear alkanes (C25 and C35), and the presence and diversity of terpenes in epicuticular wax extracts. We collected leaves of 15 Clusia species growing in mountain forests of Panama (Cerro Jefe 1007 m and Altos de Campana 800 m a.s.l.) and from cultivated plants at two(More)