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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this randomized clinical study was to evaluate the presence of the periodontal pathogen Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans on metallic brackets and the effectiveness of(More)
INTRODUCTION High levels of periodontal pathogens can cause periodontal alterations. The presence of endotoxin might be responsible for the occurrence and progression of tissue inflammation and bone(More)
OBJECTIVE Using checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridisation (CDDH) assay, this randomised clinical study evaluated the contamination of metallic brackets by four cariogenic bacterial strains (Streptococcus(More)
Decalcification of enamel during fixed orthodontic appliance treatment remains a problem. White spot lesions are observed in nearly 50% of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The use of(More)
The efficacy of 2 oral hygiene products, an experimental toothpaste specific for complete denture cleansing and a regular standard toothpaste, was compared in terms of denture biofilm removal and(More)