Marcela Bezdickova

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BACKGROUND Expression of the nuclear steroid hormone receptors (SHR) within certain parts of the human brain has been described by many authors. However, a comprehensive analysis of SHR expression in the human brain still has not been performed. AIM To investigate the expression of SHR in different anatomical areas of the brain, especially within the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess and compare the frequency of selected gene mutations of thrombophilic markers (FV Leiden, FII prothrombin G20210A and MTHFR C677T) in patients with primary and secondary infertility. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Institute of normal anatomy, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University Olomouc. METHODS The study(More)
BACKGROUND Posture and Stability Control is a process of maintaining balance and position of the body and its parts in a constantly changing environment. It is an important regulatory mechanism of the body, because it precedes movement, is upon the completion of which this system tries to maintain the body position. AIM The purpose of this long term study(More)
Common alimentary obesity frequently occurs on a polygenic basis as a typical lifestyle disorder in the developed countries. It is associated with characteristic complex metabolic changes, which are the cornerstones for future metabolic syndrome development. The aims of our study were 1) to determine the incidence of metabolic syndrome (based on the(More)
INTRODUCTION Functional 3D training originating in rehabilitation and physiotherapy routines, is modelled on the basis of a patient's functional impairment and muscle function test results. 3-D functional rehabilitation comprises two key components. The first is three-dimensional movements of the body and the second is restoration of function, The aim of 3D(More)
AIMS Caesarean section is the most common obstetric operation associated with short and long term risks, one of which is uterine scar dehiscence. In this case report we describe four cases of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF+ET) treatment where the embryo was transferred into the uterus with known scar dehiscence in the lower uterine segment(More)
BACKGROUND Steroid hormone receptors constitute a special group of receptors having a wide range of efficiency and distribution in the body. Androgen and estrogen receptors, and their expression in the body, are linked with attributes such as reproduction control and sexual behaviour, but their relation with behavioural models, perception, memory and stress(More)
A case report concerning patient diagnosed with a rare carcinoid showing typical symptoms is presented. Although essentially a cancer disease, this condition usually shows slow progression and tends to follow a favorable course with good prognosis if treated properly, assuming patients reasonable compliance. We intend to highlight its typical clinical(More)
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