Marcela Arteaga Silva

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It is well known that during the male rat sexual interaction different levels of arousal or sexual motivation are involved and that these motivational changes are associated with variations in the level of dopamine (DA); however, it is not yet known if these changes are associated with a different functionality of the nucleus Accumbens (Acc) and Ventral(More)
Alcohol consumption produces various behavioral effects and its administration is associated with increases of dopamine (DA) levels in the nucleus accumbens (Acc). However, it is not yet clear if these behavioral and neurochemical effects are associated with a different functionality of the Acc and ventral tegmental area (VTA), the neural structures that(More)
Gestation and pre-puberty are critical periods during which several environmental factors can drastically affect the adequate development of subjects. Considering that stress is one of the most common factors to which subjects may be exposed during gestation, the present study evaluated the effects of prenatal stress on the behavioral indices of sexual(More)
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