Marcel van der Vlugt

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We obtain the weight distributions of the Melas and Zetterberg codes and the double error correcting quadratic Goppa codes in terms of the traces of certain Hecke operators acting on spaces of cusp forms for the congruence subgroup T,(4)cSL,(Z). The result is obtained from a description of the weight distributions of the dual codes in terms of class numbers(More)
These tables record results on curves with many points over finite fields. For relatively small genus (0 ≤ g ≤ 50) and q a small power of 2 or 3 we give in two tables the best presently known bounds for Nq(g), the maximum number of rational points on a smooth absolutely irreducible projective curve of genus g over a field Fq of cardinality q. In additional(More)
J . Bruck and J. Sanz. “A study on neural nctworks, Iiiteriiurroiiul Jouriiol of Irirelligeiir Svsrenis. vol. 3. pp. 59-75. I Y X X . E. Cioles. F. Fogelman, and D. Pellegrin. “Decreasing energy functions as a tool for studying threshold networks, Discrete Applred Murhmiurrc.\. vol. 12. pp. 261-277. 1985. S. W. Ciolomb. Shift Regisrer Sequeiices. Laguna(More)