Marcel van der Klink

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BACKGROUND Patient safety experts have postulated that increasing patient participation in communications during patient handovers will improve the quality of patient transitions, and that this may reduce hospital readmissions. Choosing strategies that enhance patient safety through improved handovers requires better understanding of patient experiences and(More)
Professional Development is ill served by traditional ways of learning. It can profit from a Learning Networks approach, which emphasizes logistic, content and didactic flexibility. Learning Networks are online, social networks that have been designed and tooled to foster informal learning. Three European projects are discussed – idSpace, LTfLL,(More)
BACKGROUND We developed a method to estimate the expected cost-effectiveness of a service intervention at the design stage and 'road-tested' the method on an intervention to improve patient handover of care between hospital and community. METHOD The development of a nine-step evaluation framework: 1. Identification of multiple endpoints and arranging them(More)
This study investigated the effect of performance-based versus competence-based assessment criteria on task performance and self-assessment skills among 39 novice secondary vocational education students in the domain of nursing and care. In a performance-based assessment group students are provided with a preset list of performance-based assessment(More)
Efficient and effective lifelong learning requires that people can make informed decisions about their continuous personal development in the different stages of their life. In this paper we state that lifelong learners need to be characterized as decision-makers. In order to improve the quality of their decisions, we propose the development of an(More)
For students to become prepared for the workplace, the skill of students to assess themselves is of larger long-term significance than the specific professional competences they acquire. This paper discusses the role of providing support to the students in the form of information on the relevance of the assessment criteria on their self-assessment skills.(More)
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