Marcel van de Gevel

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WiMAX (Worldwide Inter-operability for Microwave Access) is an emerging wireless technology standard, which enables high-speed packet data access. To anticipate future demands of WiMAX technology, we propose an all-digital phase-locked loop (ADPLL) based frequency synthesizer for the WiMAX RF transceiver. The developed ADPLL targets frequencies from(More)
It is shown that an MOS weak-inversion differential pair can be linearized considerably by replacing the tail current source with a MOSFET biased in the weak-inversion triode region. Calculations show that the transconductance can be kept constant to within +5%/ 0% for input voltages up to 130 mV. This linearized differential pair is used in a third-order(More)
In [I], Serrano and Carlosena prove that the input impedances of the circuits in Fig. l a and b of [I] are independent of CA and R,, as long as CAR, << UGB. However, this requirement can he fulfilled by making CA and R, equal to zero. In this case, two out of three passive components in Fig. l a of [I] and four out o f five passive components in Fig. Ib of(More)
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