Marcel van Hekken

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The problem of cross country movement planning is to find the least cost path between a source and a destination given a polygonal partitioning of the plane. This paper presents the comparison between a vector-based algo­ rithm and several raster-based algorithms for solving the cross country move­ ment planning problem. Besides three known raster methods(More)
This paper describes the architecture of a truly integrated D GIS The system has two main components an extensible database Postgres and an extensible geographic front end GEO The database is extended with D geometric data types functions and a D access method The implementation of the D visualization is based on the graphics standard PEX The resulting(More)
This paper reviews the authors experience with vector overlay and structuring. He first becomes acquainted with vector-structuring and overlay processing in the development of a forest management GIS, begun almost 20 years ago. After the demise of this system he develops an experimental overlay processing system using plane sweep and adaptive grid(More)
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