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Most electronic voting systems in use today provide printouts so called voter verifiable paper audit trails (VVPATs). Voters are supposed to verify these before they put them into the ballot box in order to detect election fraud. A number of studies have shown that voters are unlikely to do so when using current systems. Thus, it is very likely that(More)
Advances in information technology have simplified many processes in our lives. However, in many cases trust issues arise when new technology is introduced, and voting is one prominent example. To increase voters’ trust, current e-voting systems provide paper audit trails (PATs) which enable automatic tally and/or manual audit of the election result. PATs(More)
The German federal constitutional court ruled, in 2009, that elections had to have a public nature. EasyVote, a promising hybrid electronic voting system for conducting elections with complex voting rules and huge ballots, meets this requirement. Two assumptions need to hold, however. The first is that voters will verify the human-readable part of the(More)
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