Marcel Wehrle

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Using soft computing methods, the authors collect and process relevant user-generated information from the web. Through the use of self-organizing maps, fuzzy cognitive maps are constructed. The fuzzy cognitive map is a generated representation of the emergent web semantics of the dataset. In the next step, the fuzzy cognitive maps are enriched with related(More)
Fuzzy graphs (FG) are capable of showing dependencies and relationships between each other to a certain degree. Often, these relationships are described by numbers, which impedes interpretability for humans because they communicate using natural language. This paper seeks to turn the mathematical output of an FG into natural language sentences by applying(More)
The ability to accurately assess the type and extent of knowledge a user possesses without having to demand that it is explicitly declared is of importance for a range of different applications. To obtain this ability, the authors have developed an approach that harnesses the benefits of granular computing in order to apply granular and hierarchical(More)
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