Marcel Verbunt

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Decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure sores, is a major problem in health care, in particular for patients with spinal cord injuries. These patients cannot feel the discomfort that would urge healthy people to change their posture. We describe a system that uses a sensor mat to detect problematic postures and provides tactile feedback to the user. The(More)
PhD candidate and author of correspondence, Phone: (31) 2472514, Email: ABSTRACT Today, air travel is popular as a way of transportation for different purpose such as business and tourism. The numbers of air travel passengers are increasing every year. At the same time the flight distance is increased because of better fuel efficiency and(More)
Preface Healthcare is an interesting and grateful design area with many challenging problems to solve. As designer I like to work connected with people and I try to use my skills to contribute with the improvement of the quality of life. Although the medical world is already full of technical innovations there are many challenges left. With a change in(More)
The design process of any technical system is based on well elaborated procedures, which leads step by step, from concept to the final product. For industrial product, such as adaptive advisory systems, a combination of multiple technology such as electronic and computer science is involved. There are certain creative and innovative operations and(More)
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