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This paper presents an experimental investigation and modeling solutions of an electric arc furnace (EAF) with 100-t capacity used for steel melting in order to evaluate the best option for improvement. Experimental results show that EAFs represent a substantial source of electric disturbances such as voltage fluctuations, flicker, harmonics, and imbalance(More)
In this paper is analyzing the current operating conditions of one of electric arc furnace (EAF) in order to evaluate the best option to solve the energy consumption problem. Also we evaluate existing process’ equipment performance and point to improvement opportunities. Recommendations for the best operating set-points to run its EAF efficiently are(More)
In this work is presenting a reactive homopolar synchronous machine with stator excitation (RHSMSE) destined to operate as generator of low and middle power or as servomotor with reduced inertia and high-speed. We proposed in this paper a modeling and a simulation method by electric-magnetic coupled network, based on the permeance network and 3D FEM(More)
In an effort to introduce a low cost (PM less), low power electric wind or hydro generators, this paper reports on preliminary design aspects, 3D FEM analysis and control of a 2.5 KVA, 250-1000 rpm, reactive homo-heteropolar synchronous machine (RHHSM).
This paperwork describes a modern control method we should use during the continuous casting. This method is based on the fuzzy logic, in order to avoid any crack inside the crystallizing apparatus. This method contains two fuzzy controllers FC0 and FC1 which, based on a set of rules established with the help of the mathematical model to the crust(More)
This paper presents generic model of hybrid power system consisting in a combined solution one wind turbine with asynchronous generator and on hydro generator with synchronous machine. This technology was developed by to reduce the cost of supplying electricity in remote communities. The optimal wind penetration (installed wind capacity/peak electrical(More)
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