Marcel Suhartono

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Principles of fragment-based molecular design are presented and discussed in the context of de novo drug design. The underlying idea is to dissect known drug molecules in fragments by straightforward pseudo-retro-synthesis. The resulting building blocks are then used for automated assembly of new molecules. A particular question has been whether this(More)
Target TAR by NMR: Tripeptides containing arginines as terminal residues and non-natural amino acids as central residues are good leads for drug design to target the HIV trans-activation response element (TAR). The structural characterization of the RNA-ligand complex by NMR spectroscopy reveals two specific binding sites that are located at bulge residue(More)
A mild synthetic method for N-formyl-Met-Leu-Phe-OH (1) is described. After Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis, on-bead formylation and HPLC purification, more than 30 mg of the fully (13)C/(15)N-labelled tripeptide 1 could be isolated in a typical batch. This peptide can be easily crystallised and is therefore well suited as a standard sample for setting(More)
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