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We perceive the real world through many senses. Most Virtual Reality (VR) display systems, however, only present the illusion to our visual and sometimes audio senses. Walk-in display systems, such as a CAVE, allow users to see their own bodies as they interact with virtual objects. Collaborative virtual environments CVE allow many users to share the same(More)
The prediction of the performance at early stages of the development of large software systems has turned out to be a very challenging task. There are already several techniques and methodologies available, each having its own advantages and limitations. This paper discusses using different techniques, one analytical and one simulative, for performance(More)
— When developing large software systems it is hard to predict their performance behavior at early development stages. This paper presents an engineering methodology for performance prediction based on high-level application architectures that are simulated within the real infrastructure setup. This methodology is realized in a performance simulation(More)
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