Marcel Schröder

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Since the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet devices, energy-efficiency in mobile computing is an increasingly interesting topic. But in case of software development engineering energy-efficiency is widely neglected, even clear and simply applicable means to measure and visualize energy consumption caused by software usage is still in its infancy.(More)
AIM: Sleep disturbances induce proinflammatory immune responses, which might increase cardiovascular disease risk. So far the effects of acute sleep deprivation and chronic sleep illnesses on the immune system have been investigated. The particular impact of shift work induced chronic circadian disruption on specific immune responses has not been addressed(More)
Utilization of mobile and embedded devices, and thus their induced energy consumption, is constantly increasing. Reducing the energy consumption of such devices will not only improve the carbon footprint of contemporary mobile information technology usage, but will also extend the device lifetime, improve user acceptance and reduce operational costs. Next(More)
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