Marcel Ph. Mayer

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Clinical and sural nerve biopsy findings in two brothers and their mother affected by adrenomyeloneuropathy/adrenoleukodystrophy (AMN/ALD) illustrate the variability of histopathological changes in this disorder. The number of diagnostic inclusions, i.e., trilaminar leaflets, varied considerably from case to case and showed no correlation to the extent of(More)
In this paper, we apply a comprehensive approach to evaluate and analyze potential physiological and subjective workload effects of the application of head-mounted displays (HMDs) during a typical 3.5 hrs assembly operation. The approach refers to physical as well as cognitive workload associated with HMDs. The methods for capturing and determining(More)
A case is presented in which two separate concurrent astrocytomas of the brain in the same patient were successfully operated on. The patient has been followed for 3 years and remains well. The authors believe that the diagnosis of multifocal tumors can be established on clinical grounds when the tumors are remote from each other, and when there has been no(More)