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We propose a method to construct the stochastic integral simultaneously under a non-dominated family of probability measures. Pathby-path, and without referring to a probability measure, we construct a sequence of Lebesgue-Stieltjes integrals whose medial limit coincides with the usual stochastic integral under essentially any probability measure such that(More)
We study the leading term in the small-time asymptotics of at-the-money call option prices when the stock price process S follows a general martingale. This is equivalent to studying the first centered absolute moment of S. We show that if S has a continuous part, the leading term is of order √ T in time T and depends only on the initial value of the(More)
We study the utility maximization problem for power utility random elds in a semimartingale nancial market, with and without intermediate consumption. The notion of an opportunity process is introduced as a reduced form of the value process of the resulting stochastic control problem. We show how the opportunity process describes the key objects: optimal(More)