Marcel Morisse

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Network organizations and inter-organizational systems (IOS) have recently been the subjects of extensive research and practice. Various papers discuss technical issues as well as several complex business considerations and cultural issues. However, one interesting aspect of this context has only received adequate coverage so far, namely the ability of(More)
The increasing influence of information technology in enterprises expands the demand for closer coordination and cooperation between business and IT. In a qualitative survey study we researched the relationship between IT strategy development, IT project portfolio and enterprise architecture management as well as relations between business and IT. As result(More)
Studies of resilience highlight the tension between actions that allow a firm – and a system – to be robust and those that allows it to be flexible. Studies suggest that an entrepreneurial firm will prioritize flexibility, given resource constraints. However, what occurs when a number of firms are embedded in a common socio-technical system and an extreme(More)
Project-based learning and application-oriented approaches drawing on real-world issues and examples, have always been widely used in both secondary and higher Computer Science (CS) education. Recent demands for teaching CS or Informatics <i>in context</i> and building courses on coherent application areas outside CS go even further [4, 23]. In Germany the(More)
In today’s globalized markets, organizations have to work together in IT based inter-organizational networks embedded in business ecosystems. As every member relies on the ecosystem, the network and on other network members, the likelihood of disruptions and business discontinuity rises. Therefore, new methods and concepts of business continuity in network(More)
Recognizing and utilizing IT innovations are essential activities to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of companies. The IT in companies has the opportunity to change its own role towards a business enabler and driver by establishing a systematic IT innovation management. Existing frameworks and models for IT governance and IT management do not(More)
This systematic literature review examines different forms of evolving and emergent behavior in network organizations (NO) with an emphasis on trust. Because of the difficulties and importance in researching emergent behavior in network organizations, this review summarizes the main aspects of 17 papers and tries to disclose open research points by(More)