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UNLABELLED Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, (BLAST) allows the comparison of a query sequence/s to a database of sequences and identifies those sequences that are similar to the query above a user-defined threshold. We have developed a user friendly web application, MULTBLAST that runs a series of BLAST searches on a user-supplied list of proteins against(More)
The increasing use of personal in-car technologies has created more opportunities for driver distraction. Communication and navigational systems exact a high cognitive price for the assistance they provide to the driver. Starting from existing research in the areas of augmented reality and context-aware systems, this paper proposes a system designed to(More)
i Dedication To Rachael, who made it possible, and to Chaja, Sam and Max, who waited all their lives for it. ii Acknowledgments The completion of this thesis would not have been possible without Dr. Harris's support and advice. Dr. Dascalu renewed my interest in user interaction, and his kind words of encouragement were much appreciated. Dr. Louis provided(More)
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