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There are a number of approaches to studying medication-taking behavior. Self-report measures have the benefits of being cheap, easy to administer, non-intrusive, and able to provide information on attitudes and beliefs about medication. Potential limitations to self-report are that the ability to understand the items, and willingness to disclose(More)
This study addressed the issue of medication compliance in general, compliance with antihypertensive therapy, and the relationship between these two groups. In addition to determining the reasons for noncompliance with therapy prescription, the aim of this study was to also establish whether it was considered feasible by the patients to comply with their(More)
We wish to comment on the Dinger and Shapiro commentary article published in the January 2012 issue of this Journal.1 Following the publication of papers regarding the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) with combined oral contraceptives (COCs) we would like to share some information regarding comparison between drospirenonecontaining COCs and other COCs(More)
The aim of the paper is to investigate the impact of drugs utilization during pregnancy in the City of Zagreb. This one-month cross-sectional study was conducted in all four Zagreb maternity hospitals using a questionnaire administered to 893 pregnant women. The women used a mean of 2.6 drugs. The vitamin-mineral complex was the leading medicament used by(More)
BACKGROUND Medication adherence is the extent to which patients take medications as prescribed by their health care providers. There are a number of approaches to study medication-taking behavior. The aim was to compare two most common methods for measuring adherence: Patient Adherence Questionnaire and Medication Possession Ratio (MPR). They belong to the(More)
The aim of the study was to assess health indicators in the city of Zagreb in order to evaluate the population health status and health needs. A descriptive method was used to analyze data from regular health statistics. In the population of Zagreb, the life expectancy at birth is longer than the European average but shorter than that recorded in Austria(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study were to assess the prevalence of anxiolytic use in pregnancy, the rate of congenital malformations in neonates at in utero exposure to these agents, and the possible association of congenital malformations with the use of these drugs in pregnancy. METHOD The study was conducted as cross-sectional study. The study was(More)
Medication possession ratio (MPR) was introduced as a uniform methodology for estimating medication adherence from pharmacy claims data, but it does not provide accurate information on the continuity of medication usage and the measurement of medication persistency and identification of eventual gaps in medication supply. The combination of an MPR and a(More)
OBJECTIVE The course of pregnancy is associated with a number of changes in the female body. Literature data indicate that 1-3% of pregnant women develop some cardiac disorder. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of using cardiovascular agents in pregnancy, the rate of congenital malformations in neonates at in utero exposure to these agents,(More)
AIMS The aims of this study was to determine adherence to chronic disease medication measured by self-reported questionnaire. METHODS The survey was conducted at 106 Zagreb pharmacies, and the questionnaire was filled out by the study subjects. RESULTS A total 1,357 diagnoses were reported by survey respondents (i.e., an average of 2.1 diagnoses per(More)