Marcel Kvassay

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In spite of rapid advances in multimedia and interactive technologies, enterprise users prefer to battle with email spam and overload rather than lose the benefits of communicating, collaborating and solving business tasks over email. Many aspects of email have significantly improved over time, but its overall integration with the enterprise environment(More)
The article provides a brief overview of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and its potential for exploiting the wealth of information buried in the email archives of business and private entities. Within the scope of the COMMIUS 1 project, we built a proof-of-concept prototype in Java, which used the spreading activation algorithm to reconstruct various aspects(More)
In this paper we provide a brief survey of agent based simulation (ABS) platforms and evaluate two of them --- NetLogo and MASON --- by implementing an exemplary scenario in the context of human behavior modeling. We define twelve evaluation points, which we discuss for both of the evaluated systems. The purpose of our evaluation is to identify the best ABS(More)
Although simulation techniques are widely used to support both mission rehearsal and mission analysis, these two applications tend to be considered as distinctly separate. In this article we argue that integrating them in a unified framework can benefit the end-users of the system (armed forces or police and security forces). We demonstrate this on project(More)
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