Marcel Kluge

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BACKGROUND Epileptic discharges from the temporal lobe may influence the release of hormones from the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. If epilepsy surgery influences the underlying epileptic disorder one might expect serum hormone concentrations to return to normal following surgery. PATIENTS Twenty-two men with epilepsy aged 25 to 48 years (mean, 34.9 years)(More)
The authors report a 5-year-old boy with episodes of epileptic rotational clockwise vertigo without nystagmus. Video-EEG monitoring showed a left frontocentral onset of epileptic discharges accompanied by complaints of vertigo. MRI showed a small low-grade astrocytoma in the left frontal middle gyrus. After lesionectomy, vertiginous seizures ceased. The(More)
We investigated the impact of temporal lobe epilepsy surgery on sex hormones and menstrual cycles. Sixteen female patients with temporal lobe epilepsy were investigated prior to surgery and 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery. The patients received carbamazepine (CBZ) as monotherapy (10 patients) or in combination with other antiepileptic drugs (six(More)
We present a summary of the campaign of remote observations that supported the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission. Telescopes across the globe (and in space) followed comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from before Rosetta's arrival until nearly the end of the mission in September 2016. These provided essential data for mission planning, large-scale(More)
Coatings fulfill an important function in providing functionality and service life to wood surfaces. In the present study, the potential of nanocellulosic fillers toward improving waterborne wood coating mechanics is evaluated using free-standing coating films. At 2% filler content, significant improvements in static and dynamic mechanical properties were(More)
Due to the increasing interest in applying a wider range of wood species for structural purposes, nine European softwood and hardwood species (ash, beech, birch, hornbeam, larch, oak, poplar, black locust and spruce) were assessed for their ability to be bonded with three different commercial adhesive systems (melamine–urea–formaldehyde, one-component(More)
The integration of a shape memory actuator is a potential mechanism to achieve a consistent perimodiolar position after electrode insertion during cochlear implant surgery. After warming up, and therefore activation of the shape memory effect, the electrode array will change from a straight configuration into a spiral shaped one leading to a final position(More)