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In humans, treatment of malignant ascites with bolus TNF leads to resolution of the ascites. In an experimental model NMRI nude mice were inoculated intraperitoneally with human NIH-OVCAR3 adenocarcinoma cells, resulting in production of ascites and intraperitoneal tumor growth. Ascites formation and tumor growth after IP injection of recombinant human TNF(More)
Die Anlage eines minimal-invasiven Bohrkanals zum Innenohr (Cochlea) erfordert die Bereitstellung eines speziellen chirurgischen Instruments für die Insertion des Elektrodenträgers eines Cochlea-Implantats (CI). Ein solches „Insertionstool“ muss allen intra-operativen Anforderungen wie Sterilisierbarkeit und einfache Handhabung ebenso gerecht werden, wie(More)
Coatings fulfill an important function in providing functionality and service life to wood surfaces. In the present study, the potential of nanocellulosic fillers toward improving waterborne wood coating mechanics is evaluated using free-standing coating films. At 2% filler content, significant improvements in static and dynamic mechanical properties were(More)
Experimental stroke leads to microglia activation and progressive neuronal loss at sites of secondary neurodegeneration (SND). These lesions are remote from, but synaptically connected to, primary infarction sites. Previous studies have demonstrated that immune cells are present in sites of infarction in the first hours and days after stroke, and are(More)
The integration of a shape memory actuator is a potential mechanism to achieve a consistent perimodiolar position after electrode insertion during cochlear implant surgery. After warming up, and therefore activation of the shape memory effect, the electrode array will change from a straight configuration into a spiral shaped one leading to a final position(More)
The results of measurements of the electrical resistance of lung tissue are reported in order to estimate quantitatively the influence of air and blood filling on the conductivity. Experiments were done on isolated lung tissue of fetal and infantile guinea pigs. The ohmic resistance was measured by a minimised 4-electrode technique: isolated fetal lungs(More)