Marcel Körtgen

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Content based 3D shape retrieval for broad domains like the World Wide Web has recently gained considerable attention in Computer Graphics community. One of the main challenges in this context is the mapping of 3D objects into compact canonical representations referred to as descriptors or feature vector, which serve as search keys during the retrieval(More)
Digitizing real-life objects via range scanners, stereo vision or tactile sensors usually requires the composition of multiple range images. In this paper we exploit intensity images often recorded with the range data and propose a fully automatic registration technique using 2D-image features with intrinsic scale information for finding corresponding(More)
Registration has been researched for about thirty years and it still is an active topic. Much work in the past successfully addressed pairwise registration, i.e. aligning two three-dimensional (3d) views of a static scene. Due to the ongoing advances in scanning and computer hardware for about the last ten years, multiple view registration became manageably(More)
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