Marcel Just

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The authors summarize the main aspects of brain informatics based big data interacting in the social-cyber-physical space of the Wisdom Web of Things (W2T). In particular, they focus on how to realize human-level collective intelligence as a big data sharing mind--a harmonized collectivity of consciousness on the W2T that uses brain-inspired intelligent(More)
For my mother, Linda Ambrose, who made me think anything was possible, to my husband, Mark Holzer, who made the impossible possible, and to Jane Juniper, my little forcing function. In memory of my father, Jonathan Fyshe who had a lifelong interest in the brain. Abstract The action of reading, understanding and combining words to create meaningful phrases(More)
The authors would like to give special thanks to Keith Holyoak, whose continuing interest in the problems and penetrating observations contributed greatly to the development of this work. We would also like to thank many other colleagues who provided valuable feedback concerning ideas contained in this paper. Special mention is due to Abstract It is argued(More)
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