Marcel J. W. Heetkamp

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BACKGROUND Greenhouse gas (GHG) production, as a cause of climate change, is considered as one of the biggest problems society is currently facing. The livestock sector is one of the large contributors of anthropogenic GHG emissions. Also, large amounts of ammonia (NH(3)), leading to soil nitrification and acidification, are produced by livestock. Therefore(More)
Effects of cold stress (CS) on the immune system of chicken lines divergently selected for high (H line) and low (L line) antibody responses to SRBC next to a randombred control (C) line were studied. Three- to four-week-old growing chicks of the three lines were feed-restricted at 80% ad libitum and subjected to CS at 10 degrees C continuously for 7, 5, 3,(More)
Environmental conditions during the perinatal period influence metabolic and developmental processes in mammals and avian species, which could impact pre- and postnatal survival and development. The current study investigated the effect of eggshell temperature (EST) on glucose metabolism in broiler chicken embryos. Broiler eggs were incubated at a high(More)
Both dietary fermentable carbohydrates and the availability of straw bedding potentially affect activity patterns and energy utilisation in pigs. The present study aimed to investigate the combined effects of straw bedding and fermentable carbohydrates (native potato starch) on energy partitioning in growing pigs. In a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement, 16 groups(More)
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