Marcel J. Linssen

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This study confirms the strong inhibition of therapeutic concentrations of the antiinflammatory agent nimesulide (NI) on the chemiluminescence (CL) of human leucocytes (HL) after stimulation with opsonized zymosan (C3Z), and extends the findings to peritoneal (RPL) and bronchoalveolar leucocytes (RBAL) collected from actively immunized rats 24 h after i.v.(More)
Fourteen Brown-Norway rats were pretreated with physiological saline (n = 7) or 500 micrograms Sephadex (n = 7) intratracheally. 24 h later, a bronchial provocation test was performed under pentobarbital anaesthesia using increasing doses of acetylcholine aerosol and the degree of bronchospasm was measured using a modified Konzett-Rössler method.(More)
In the first part of this review the important role played by the bronchial hyperreactivity caused by chronic bronchopulmonary inflammation in asthma is described. Deliberately, more emphasis is placed on the role of pro-inflammatory eosinophils, alveolar macrophages, lymphocytes and platelets rather than on mast cells and neutrophils or the numerous(More)
Activation and generation of inflammatory mediators by different leukocytes may be important in the pathogenesis of airway hyperreactivity. We studied the effect of active sensitization with ovalbumin as antigen and i.v. treatment with Sephadex particles on bronchial reactivity (BR) in rats and its possible relation to leukocyte infiltration (LI) and(More)
A thrombin-like proteinase (THROLP) was detected colorimetrically as the main proteolytic activity (PROA) in the lavage fluid some minutes after antigen challenge of rats for passive peritoneal anaphylaxis (PPA) reaction. THROLP is equivalent to histamine (H) as parameter for the early phase of PPA: both increased significantly after 6 min, but decreased to(More)
A thrombin-like proteinase (THROLP) was detected colorimetrically as the main proteolytic activity (PROA) in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) 4 and 24 h after ovalbumin aerosol (OVA) challenge of actively immunized rats. Other proinflammatory parameters increased also significantly in BALF, like chemiluminescence of leukocytes (1 h), protein and cell(More)
An important cause of the high prescription levels of psychotropic medication for psychological symptoms is that these symptoms are assessed according to the same model as applied for physical symptoms, the disease model. This has led to a one-sided medical approach to psychological symptoms. A person-centred approach offers an alternative; the positive(More)
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