Marcel Hoffman

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Thrombin can activate factor XI in the presence of dextran sulfate or sulfatides. However, a physiological cofactor for thrombin activation of factor XI has not been identified. We examined this question in a cell-based, tissue factor-initiated model system. In the absence of factor XII, factor XI enhanced thrombin generation in this model. The effect on(More)
Improgan, a chemical congener of the H(2) antagonist cimetidine, induces antinociception following intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration in rodents, but the mechanism of action of this compound remains unknown. Because the chemical structure of improgan closely resembles those of histamine and certain histamine blockers, and because neuronal(More)
The long-term effects on dopamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase of deprivation of gonadal steroids resulting from ovariectomy were studied in extrahypothalamic areas of the brain, i.e. corpus striatum and nucleus accumbens. The results obtained show that in both central nervous system areas dopamine- and apomorphine-stimulated adenylate cyclase were(More)
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