Marcel Höxter

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An adherent human cell line (293) was made susceptible for HIV-1 infection by transfer of a CD4 expression plasmid. These cells could be infected with HIV-1 and produced infectious virus up to a titer of 10(6) TCID50/ml releasing p24 protein up to 1 micrograms/ml. Since they can be efficiently transfected with reporter genes, these cells are a suitable(More)
BACKGROUND Intra-abdominal infections represent a subgroup of septic syndromes with high death rates and the need for prompt and appropriate antimicrobial therapy. Conventional culture-based microbial identification has notable shortcomings in the diagnostics of polymicrobial infections. Modern culture-independent molecular methods may represent a new(More)
A method is described for the elucidation of the peptide substrate phosphorylation specificity of a protein kinase. Peptide libraries with two to six degenerate positions and a length of seven or nine amino acids were generated directly on Sepharose beads by solid-phase peptide synthesis according to the split-and-mix procedure. The immobilized peptides(More)
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