Marcel Griesemer

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The smart grid vision relies on active interaction with all of its stakeholders. As consumers are acquiring energy generation capabilities, hence becoming prosumers (producers and consumers), a meaningful way to interact among them would be to trade over a marketplace. Market-driven interactions have been proposed as a promising potential interaction method(More)
Spatial localization of the electrons of an atom or molecule is studied in models of nonrelativistic matter coupled to quantized radiation. We give two definitions of the ionization threshold. One in terms of spectral data of cluster Hamiltonians, and one in terms of minimal energies of non-localized states. We show that these two definitions agree, and(More)
Aminimax principle is derived for the eigenvalues in the spectral gap of a possibly non-semibounded selfadjoint operator. It allows the nth eigenvalue of the Dirac operator with Coulomb potential from below to be bound by the nth eigenvalue of a semibounded Hamiltonian which is of interest in the context of stability of matter. As a second application it is(More)
In models of (non-relativistic and pseudo-relativistic) electrons interacting with static nuclei and with the (ultraviolet-cutoff) quantized radiation field, the existence of asymptotic electromagnetic fields is established. Our results yield some mathematically rigorous understanding of Rayleigh scattering and of the phenomenon of relaxation of isolated(More)
For systems of N charged fermions (e.g. electrons) interacting with longitudinal optical quantized lattice vibrations of a polar crystal we derive upper and lower bounds on the minimal energy within the model of H. Fröhlich. The only parameters of this model, after removing the ultraviolet cutoff, are the constants U > 0 and α > 0 measuring the(More)
For a pseudo-relativistic model of matter, based on the no-pair Hamiltonian, we prove that the inclusion of the interaction with the self-generated magnetic field leads to instability for all positive values of the fine structure constant. This is true no matter whether this interaction is accounted for by the Breit potential, by an external magnetic field(More)
A manifold is a Poincaré duality space without singularities. McCrory obtained a homological criterion of a global nature for deciding if a polyhedral Poincaré duality space is a homology manifold, i.e. if the singularities are homologically inessential. A homeomorphism of manifolds is a degree 1 map without double points. In this paper combinatorially(More)
In eukaryotes, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) serves as the first membrane-enclosed organelle in the secretory pathway, with functions including protein folding, maturation and transport. Molecular chaperones, of the Hsp70 family of proteins, participate in assisting these processes and are essential to cellular function and survival. BiP is a resident(More)