Marcel Götze

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About half the world’s population is illiterate, and since the command of a (natural) language is necessary for web access, these potential users are being left out of the information society. Such persons have been called the information poor; in developed countries they will be denied access to services such as e-commerce. In developing countries they(More)
This paper introduces techniques for interactive navigation within large sets of bibliographic data. The main conceptual idea is to use various relations between the entries to navigate within the information space. A visualization that supports both the display of the data itself and the relations is introduced. Interaction techniques offer possibilities(More)
This paper presents concepts to support authors illustrating their texts. Our approach incorporates contentand feature-based retrieval techniques in multimedia databases containing 2D images and 3D models. Moreover, we provide tools (i) to adapt the retrieval results to contextual requirements and (ii) to ease their integration into target documents. For 3D(More)
Today we are far away from a paperless office. Many readers still prefer paper instead of electronic documents and thus they print out their documents for reading. Moreover, solutions for reading, annotating and editing a document away from a desktop computer are still rare to find. A reading processes that requires taking notes or annotating a document is(More)
This poster presents concepts to support authors illustrating their texts. We introduce a system which smoothly integrates the search and adaptation of appropriate illustrations into target documents. It enables the author to search for images and 3D models. To effectively support the context of the document, the view and label layout of the retrieved 3D(More)