Marcel Franz

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Clinical studies have revealed that up to 92% of major depressed patients report pain complaints such as back or abdominal pain. Furthermore, patients suffering from depression exhibit increased superficial pain thresholds and decreased ischemic (deep) pain thresholds during experimental pain testing in comparison to healthy controls. Here, we aimed to(More)
Two-dimensional topological insulators (2D TIs) have been proposed as platforms for many intriguing applications, ranging from spintronics to topological quantum information processing. Realizing this potential will likely be facilitated by the discovery of new, easily manufactured materials in this class. With this goal in mind, we introduce a new(More)
In 60 anaesthetized cats the discharge characteristics of single group IV afferent fibres from skeletal muscle at rest, during local mechanical stimulation of the muscle, and in response to injections of bradykinin have been studied. 250 group IV fibres from the gastrocnemius-soleus muscle have been identified by their conduction velocity. Of these fibres(More)
Concerning the physiological correlates of pain, the brain stem is considered to be one core region that is activated by noxious input. In animal studies, different slopes of skin heating (SSH) with noxious heat led to activation in different columns of the midbrain periaqueductal gray (PAG). The present study aimed at finding a method for differentiating(More)
It is well established that humans can recognize high-level aspects from point-light biological motion, such as gender and mood. If the task is to judge the manipulated weight we expected that sensorimotor regions should be recruited in the brain. Moreover, we have recently shown that chronic pain in a limb that is involved in the presented movement(More)
The morphology of the hypodermal chords in the anterior, midbody and posterior region and in worms of different ages are described and the amphids, the cephalic papillae and the nerve ring are demonstrated. At the anterior end, the hypodermal cap comprises the sensory organs. Close behind, the hypodermal chords are differentiated, and several cell margins(More)
Two male and two female Brugia malayi were collected from Mastomys natalensis, and cross sections from various regions of these worms were studied. The body wall of the female worm is thin throughout its length, whereas in the midbody and posterior region of the male worm the somatic muscles form a thick layer. In both sexes the intestine is thickest(More)
Patients suffering from postherpetic neuralgia often complain about hypo- or hypersensation in the affected dermatome. The loss of thermal sensitivity has been demonstrated by quantitative sensory testing as being associated with small-fiber (Aδ- and C-fiber) deafferentation. We aimed to compare laser stimulation (radiant heat) to thermode stimulation(More)
The fine structures of the surface of Brugia malayi obtained from Mastomys natalensis are demonstrated by scanning electron microscopy. The head of the parasite is bulbous in shape. The amphidial openings lie beside small elevations. The surface structure of the inner papillae is smooth with a small elevation in the middle. The outer papillae are grooved.(More)