Marcel Fernández

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Personalization is a difficult problem related to fields and applications ranging from information retrieval to multimedia content manipulation. Challenge is greater, when trying to combine traditional personalization techniques with novel knowledge representations like ontologies. This paper proposes a novel contextual knowledge modeling, based on(More)
The huge number of available documents on the Web makes finding of relevant ones a challenging task. In the current web, it is not possible to manage information resources manually and intelligently. And most of the users prefer more accurate information. Semantic retrieval becomes the emerging topic in information retrieval on the Semantic web. To overcome(More)
The advent of wireless networks has increased the demand for research greatly. Context-aware applications must adapt to the environment in which they are inserted, and, for this, information on both device's hardware and the characteristics of the environment is crucial. In this work, we propose a method - called natural adaptive exponential smoothing(More)
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