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— Models for predicting the performance of multi-plexed variable bit rate video sources are important for engineering a network. However, models of a single source are also important for parameter negotiations and call admittance algorithms. In this paper we propose to model a single video source as a Markov renewal process whose states represent different(More)
— This paper investigates the connectivity probability of 1-dimensional ad hoc networks in which nodes have random, non-identically distributed locations, this leads to optimization of the number of nodes required. An empirical approach is used. We fit a parametric distribution to the CDF of the maximum distance between adjacent nodes. Special and extreme(More)
— We obtain detailed analytic formulas for the density and probability distribution of the waiting time in a TDMA model with a finite buffer. On successive intervals of length equal to the duration of a slot, the density is expressed as (infinite) linear combinations of beta densities with positive coefficients. A recursive scheme, obtained by a(More)