Marcel F. Neuts

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Models for predicting the performance of multiplexed variable bit rate video sources are important for engineering a network. However, models of a single source are also important for parameter negotiations and call admittance algorithms. In this paper we propose to model a single video source as a Markov renewal process whose states represent different bit(More)
An algorithm for generating phase type random variates is presented. A phase type distribution is any distribution which may be that of the time until absorption in a finite state Markov process. The exponential sojourn times allow us to record only the number of visits, k, to each state before absorption and then generate appropriate Erlang-k random(More)
We develop algorithms for the computation of the distribution of the total reward accrued during [0, t) in a finite continuous-parameter Markov chain. During sojourns, the reward grows linearly at a rate depending on the state visited. At transitions, there can be instantaneous rewards whose values depend on the states involved in the transition. For(More)
A discrete time queueing model for the performance of meteor burst packet communication systems is analyzed using matrix analytic methods. A meteor burst system uses ionized layers formed by naturally occurring meteor bursts in the earth’s atmosphere to reflect radio signals. Due to its nuclear survivability, inherent privacy, and low cost, such a method of(More)