Marcel Eberl

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The potent anti-tumour activities of gammadelta T cells have prompted the development of protocols in which gammadelta-agonists are administered to cancer patients. Encouraging results from small Phase I trials have fuelled efforts to characterize more clearly the application of this approach to unmet clinical needs such as metastatic carcinoma. To examine(More)
A questionnaire assessing factors that might cause an increase in scrotal temperature was completed by patients with reproducible oligoasthenoteratozoospermia of idiopathic nature or caused by varicocele. Evaluation by means of a grading scale revealed increased scrotal heat stress in oligoasthenoteratozoospermic patients compared with normozoospermic men(More)
OBJECTIVE Reactive oxygen species (ROS) contribute to the pathogenesis of myocardial hypertrophy. NADPH oxidase is a major source of ROS production. The small GTPase Rac1 mediates the activation of NADPH oxidase; however, the mechanism of Rac1 activation is incompletely understood. METHODS AND RESULTS Transaortic constriction (TAC, C57/Bl6 mice, 360(More)
Biochemical determination of hormone receptors in carcinomas is influenced by the potential heterogeneity of the tissue samples. In order to check this, samples of 16 breast cancers were divided into 6 segments. These segments were alternately examined for their ratio of tumor tissue to connective tissue (“percentage of carcinoma”) or for the content of(More)
Hydrogen hexachloroplatinate, H2PtCl6, has been shown to induce the human sperm acrosome reaction in vitro. However, the molecular mechanism underlying this exocytic process has not been studied. Therefore, two structurally and chemically different platinum (Pt) compounds, the potent sensitizer sodium-hexachloro-platinate-(IV), Na2[PtCl6], and the(More)
Extraction and purification from the biomass of Corynebacterium ammoniagenes of 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 2,4-cyclopyrophosphate (MEC) was associated with its spontaneous transformation into a number of derivatives (which was due to the pyrophosphate bond lability and the formation of complexes with metals). These derivatives included(More)
Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), imaging of cerebral blood flow was carried out in ten patients with haemodynamically significant carotid stenosis. Before and after carotid endarterectomy each patient was investigated by 3--dimensional SPECT brain scanning using technetium--hexamethyl propyleneamine oxine (99 mTcHMPAO, ceretec). Brain(More)
Sixty-nine cases of uterine sarcoma were reviewed histologically withhh respect to their grade of malignancy. Mitotic activity is the most important criterion of malignancy. A histological grading was performed on the basis of mitotic counts per high power field. Clinical follow-up showed that except for the local extension of the tumor, the prognosis of(More)