Marcel Denny

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1. Determinations were made of several physical properties of the viscid and frame silks of the orb-webs built by the spider Araneus sericatus (Cl.). 2. Both types of silk show a breaking stress of approximately 1 GN/m and an initial resilience of approximately 0-35. 3. The breaking extension ratio of viscid silk (A = 3*00) is much greater than that of(More)
The power of locomotion of a terrestrial slug rises linearly with crawling speed. The metabolic cost of movement is 904 joules per kilogram per meter, considerably more than that reported for other forms of locomotion. This high cost is primarily attributable to the production of the pedal mucus by which the slug adheres to the substratum.
Zinc deficiency was induced in 35 and 300 day-old male Holtzman rats. Group ZDA was fed ad lib a diet deficient in zinc (1 ppm), ZSP controls were pair-fed a diet supplemented with zinc (50 ppm) and ZSA controls were fed ad lib a diet supplemented with zinc (50 ppm). Physical status and six open-field behaviors were evaluated. Food intake, body weight and(More)
Phanerochaete chrysosporium is a white rot fungus which secretes a family of lignin-degrading enzymes under nutrient limitation. PSBL-1 is a mutant of this organism that generates the ligninolytic system under nonlimiting conditions during primary metabolism. Lignin peroxidase, manganese peroxidase, and glyoxal oxidase activities for PSBL-1 under(More)