Marcel Dausend

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We introduce a debugger component as an extension of Core-ASM to simplify validation of (complex) ASM specifications. As a basis, we map well-known debugging concepts of imperative programs to the ASM context. The architecture of our debugger is described and some background information to the implementation is given. We conclude by summarizing the current(More)
Komplexe interaktive Anwendungen stellen sowohl für die Nutzer als auch für die Entwickler eine große Herausforderung dar.E in Beispiel für eine solche An-wendung ist das Infotainmentsystem in modernen Fahrzeugen. Der Nutzer wird bei der Bedienung durch Multimodalität (Sprachbedienung neben der grafisch-haptischen Bedienung) unterstützt, um die Ablenkung(More)
State Machines can be used to specify arbitrary system behaviour. However, when writing executable specifications one often has to write additional statements which organise how, e.g., in which order, the rules are executed. This reduces the readability and comprehensibility of specifications and can introduce additional defects to them. We propose a new(More)
An inherent general problem is that systems become more complex. This problem is exacerbated by the use of additional interaction concepts like multimodality. Interactive systems are widespread and often apply advanced interaction concepts to ease use and enhance user experience. Touch interaction and multimodality are concepts that are on the rise and are(More)
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