Marcel Bijlsma

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Information overload is not a clear-cut concept. To understand the concept we studied knowledge workers in their organizational context applying different design methods. These methods are increasingly used to inspire designers in designing technology solutions. However, for understanding ambiguous concepts they are less common. We compared critical(More)
Requests to place an unborn child under formal supervision was made in the course of two pregnancies. The first woman was 27 years old, she had a history of schizophrenia, forensic psychiatric care, and a personality disorder with impulsive aggressive behaviour. The second patient was 36 years old. She had a bipolar disorder due to which her firstborn had(More)
Value Based Management is a common management technique to support organisations to get in a good shape to meet competition in the current turbulent economic era. The complete concept of Value Based Management has a very broad scope and is designed to support an organisation in aligning the business strategy, business processes and decisions in order to(More)
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