Marcel Bennicke

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— Concerns of users about the privacy of their data are becoming more important to providers of online services, as they develop into a major barrier for broad acceptance of applications, that gather data about their users. With P3P there exists a standard that, in the context of web-based applications, gives users some control over the gathering, use and(More)
The architecture of a software system is both a success and a failure factor. Taking the wrong architectural decisions may break a project, since such errors are often systematic and affect cross-cutting aspects of the system to be built. Moreover, software projects get more and more challenging due to the rising complexity and dynamics of business(More)
Werkzeuge zur automatischen Kontrolle derS oftwarequalitäta nalysie-rend ie erstellte Codebasisb ezüglichverschiedener Qualitätskriterien. Eind arauf aufbauenderL eitstand vermag jederzeite inei ndividuell konfigurierbareS icht auf denQualitätszustand einesSoftware-Projekts bereitzustellen. DerBeitrag stellt dar, welchen Zusatznutzen eine solche(More)
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