Marcel Bakker

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A method based on reversed-phase HPLC is reported for the separation and quantification of various urinary aromatic metabolites: hippuric, phenylaceturic, salicyluric, benzoic, phenylacetic, salicylic, 3-phenylpropionic and cinnamic acids and several phenols in ruminant urine. In this method, a Nova-Pak C18 (4 microns) 150 x 3.9 mm I.D. column, two solvents(More)
A multi-center case-referent study was conducted on the relation between paternal occupational exposure and spina bifida in offspring. Cases were born between 1980 and 1992 in The Netherlands. Referents were recruited from hospitals and from the general population. Postal questionnaires were used to gather information on occupation and potential(More)
The changes in urinary and plasma purine derivatives in response to fasting and level of feeding in llamas were examines. In one experiment, four llamas were gradually deprived of feed within 3 days and then fasted for 6 days. Daily urinary excretion of purine derivatives decreased with feed intake and leveled on the last 3 days of fasting at 177 +/- 26(More)
The Geological Survey of the Netherlands is extending the 3D model of the Quaternary record as created for the onshore part of the country to the North Sea realm. Onshore, cores are the most important source of information. Offshore, seismic data are at least equally valuable. A recent pilot study has shown that 2D and 3D seismic data, originally collected(More)
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