Marcel B. Croon

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[1] A reconnaissance survey of multibeam bathymetry and magnetic anomaly data of the Menard Fracture Zone allows for significant refinement of plate motion history of the South Pacific over the last 44 million years. The right-stepping Menard Fracture Zone developed at the northern end of the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge within a propagating rift system that(More)
[1] Nearly complete coverage of shipboard multibeam bathymetry data at the right‐stepping Menard and Pitman Fracture Zones allowed us to map abyssal hill deviations along their traces. In this study we distinguish between (1) J‐shaped curvatures at their origin, where modeling is addressing primary volcanism and faulting following a curved zone, and (2)(More)
Adam and Vidal (Reports, 2 April 2010, p. 83) reported sea-floor depth increasing as the square root of distance from the ridge along "mantle flow lines." However, their data actually support a depth-age relationship and "flattening" at older ages. We argue that no plausible physical mechanism supports their proposal that mantle flow drives subsidence.
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