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In this paper we address the problem of Data Centers energy efficiency by proposing a methodology which aims at planning the Data Center operation such that the usage of locally produced renewable energy is maximized. We defined a flexibility mechanism and model for Data Center's components (electrical cooling system, IT workload, energy storage and diesel(More)
In this paper we propose an extensible framework over Jena and OWL API that maps complex Java data models onto semantic models based on some custom annotations in order to benefit from the advantages of ontologies in software engineering. Furthermore, it facilitates the implementation of basic CRUD operations for the domain classes and objects, also(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the state of the art solutions for mapping a relational database and an ontology by adding reasoning capabilities and offering the possibility to query the inferred information. We analyzed four approaches: Jena with D2RQ, Jena with R2RML, KAON2 and OWL API. In order to highlight the differences between the four(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for optimal spatial coverage of an unknown region by a swarm of agents. The algorithm is based on the Ant Colony Optimization heuristic which is mapped and adapted to solve the current optimization problem. Each agent will leave a virtual pheromone trail during its movement through the unknown region, either attractor or(More)