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Cross-phase modulation (XPM) is a major performance-limiting effect in high bit-rate wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) networks with narrow channel spacing. In this paper, we present closed expressions for fast and accurate calculation of both XPM-induced amplitude and phase distortions of WDM channels. This is of particular importance for network(More)
We report phase locking of a diode-pumped multicore fiber laser with a circular array of 18 Nd-doped emitters (microcores) acting as an active medium. Phase locking was achieved in a Talbot resonator configuration. We present calculations of the effective reflection coefficients that are due to self-imaging. Far-field distributions and near-field pattern of(More)
We present a novel mirror geometry combining the two features of phase locking and simultaneous beam shaping of the emission of a multicore fiber (MCF) laser. In the experiments we applied a Talbot cavity to a diode-pumped MCF laser with 18 microcores placed on a ring. The feedback mirror consisted of a highly reflecting structure with 18 spokes and a(More)
We report a novel short-length diode-pumped cw fiber laser with high output power at a wavelength of 2.8mum . The system combines continuous-wave diode pumping at 970 nm, a high doping concentration (5-mol. % ErF(3)) of the active fiber, and an annular geometry of the laser medium, an M-profile fiber. Output powers in excess of 1 W with a slope efficiency(More)
We present a low-temperature-grown GaAs device that combines the features of mode locking and photoconductive switching. The mode-locking mechanism is based on intensity-dependent defocusing. Additionally, the generated carriers produce an electrical signal in the biased switch geometry. This technique allows for simultaneous generation of synchronized(More)
We present a diode-pumped Nd:glass fiber laser, emitting at 1060 nm, that is passively mode locked by fast nonlinear loss in low-temperature-grown GaAs (LT-GaAs). This new mode-locking mechanism is based on intensity-dependent defocusing in LT-GaAs that occurs after nonresonant generation of free carriers by two-photon absorption. Mode locking is(More)
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