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Transitions between distinct kinetic states of an ion channel are described by a Markov process. Hidden Markov models (HMM) have been successfully applied in the analysis of single ion channel recordings with a small signal-to-noise ratio. However, we have recently shown that the anti-aliasing low-pass filter misleads parameter estimation. Here, we show for(More)
We present a generic mediator, called PlatΩ, between text-editors and proof assistants. PlatΩ aims at integrated support for the development, publication, formalization, and verification of mathematical documents in a natural way as possible: The user authors his mathematical documents with a scientific WYSIWYG text-editor in the informal language he is(More)
In the field of reverse engineering one often faces the problem of repairing triangulations with holes, intersecting triangles, Möbius-band-like structures or other artifacts. In this paper we present a novel approach for generating manifold triangle meshes from such incomplete or imperfect triangulations. Even for heavily damaged triangulations,(More)
HIV-1 Vpr is a protein with multiple functions. It has been suggested that such pleiotropic effects by a viral protein may be mediated by its association with viral and cellular proteins or through modulation of expression of specific cellular genes. To address this, we used cDNA microarray techniques to analyze the regulation of a panel of host cellular(More)
HIV-1 Vpr has been shown to transactivate LTR-directed expression through its interaction with several proteins of cellular origin including the glucocorticoid receptor (GR). Upon activation, steroid receptors bind to proteins containing the signature motif LxxLL, translocate into the nucleus, bind to their response element, and activate transcription. The(More)
Aggregated Markov models are a widely used tool to model patch clamp data measured from single ion channels. These channels must obey the principle of detailed balance in thermodynamic equilibrium; otherwise, the channel is driven by an external source of energy. We investigate the power of a likelihood ratio test for detailed balance for a number of data(More)
An important task in the application of Markov models to the analysis of ion channel data is the determination of the correct gating scheme of the ion channel under investigation. Some prior knowledge from other experiments can reduce significantly the number of possible models. If these models are standard statistical procedures nested like likelihood(More)
The interactive use of mathematical assistance systems requires an intensive training in their input and command language. With the integration into scientific WYSIWYG text-editors the author can directly use the natural language and formula notation she is used to. In the new document-centric paradigm changes to the document are transformed by a mediator(More)