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STUDY DESIGN An open-label, multicentre study was conducted to evaluate the antihypertensive efficacy of a 4-week course of losartan 50 mg plus hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg in Asian patients with essential hypertension whose blood pressure had previously been treated with but not controlled by valsartan 80 mg. METHODS A total of 237 eligible patients with(More)
T1-weighted gradient-echo magnetic resonance images can be acquired with an echo time such that water and lipid spins are in phase or opposed phase. Observation of relative loss of signal intensity on opposed-phase images compared with that on in-phase images allows qualitative assessment of relatively small amounts of lipid in tissues. Conversely,(More)
Erythrocyte CR1, a C3b/C4b-binding complement-regulatory protein, is sensitive to proteolysis in vitro. To test the hypothesis that in vivo erythrocyte CR1 reduction results from intravascular proteinase activities, we used enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays to measure gamma-crosslinked fibrin degradation products (D-dimers) as indicators of(More)